The Point of Living Fish

Dwi Sugiarto, many living give to take good ideas from situ or danau or kolam or belik or aquarium or lake in here. Banyumurni Madiun analysis that all many style activities by humans, fish, flora or fauna. Every creature by Allah have special identity of physically or otherworldly (ruhani), so we are humans has many character or personality. Banyumurmi is the main independent prosperous understand of living fish at aquarium or lake, that all of fish be guaranteed food for each by Allah.

Please observation many size and type at one by one, color and performance, food to live by types, Subhanallah.

Living Fish by Banyumurni

Pusat Kehidupan

The living rotated by one of name is Allah, so very important to worship to HIM.  Because any things needed by creature all from Allah Swt, He prepare to Rosulullah Saw.

The color, size, type of fish made harmonization live at the lake, each fish have food step by step status chain of live. Any herbivore or carnivore species of fish, this at same for human. Type of skin are many styles, that is give good suggestion to human for refresh mentality so can increase creativity to produce. Many type and name of fish, example LELE, Louhan, Koky, gurame, wader, tawes, gabus, etc.

From good mentality usually primary power to setting visi and mision, for upgrade living status.  Pointed from lake or aquarium utama mandiri sejahtera memahami important material can taken is living fish free or merdeka to movement and no separate location and instant food.  The point to move of worship is her needed of food, and good heard. The spiritualism of human like air mengalir to settle by Allah. General human no syukur of that all, I think there are can not enjoy for to eat or drink from him God.  Please Salam Berkah maju dashyat luar biasa.


Tentang Haji Dwi Sugiarto

Bismillahi tawakkaltu alaullah. Rawe-rawe Rantas Malang-malang Putung. Bahagia bersama-Nya. Islam Nusantara itu Islam Rahmatan lil alamin. Salam Berkah Sobat. #SinauTanpoWates #AllahummaShalliAlaSyayyidinaMuhammad
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